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February Fast
by Gospel Light Baptist Church on 

February is not typically an exciting month for churches. The temperature is cold, the weather is dreary and often times people’s spirits are not much better. At Gospel Light, we have chosen to combat the coldness by intentionally pursuing God through prayer and fasting during this particular month. This was not an idea that our leadership team came up with; this is the result of a journey that God has led our church on.

I have known about fasting all my life. Growing up in church I occasionally heard preachers reference it and I recall my pastor challenging our congregation to fast and pray a couple of times. However, it was not until I was nearly thirty that I began to practice fasting in my personal life. Fasting is voluntarily abstaining from food in order to intensely seek God through prayer. In my mid-thirties, my wife began a prolonged battle with her health. This drove me to begin fasting extensively. I was so desperate to see God work in our situation that I recruited several close friends to join me. We began to see improvement in her health, but not complete victory. Being that this was private and very personal, I did not share much of these details openly with our church family. Little did I know that God was leading me on a journey that our church would soon join me on.

Five years ago we had a revival meeting with a speaker named Bryan Samms. This was the first time our church had met him. It was evident from the start that God was at work as Bro. Samms let me know that he would not need any meals that week because he was fasting. Naturally, that week we heard a message on fasting. The message came from Mark 9:14-29 on how to seek God for “hard cases.” From that message came an impromptu class the following night before the service on the “nuts and bolts” of fasting. I was hoping 10-20 people would come to the class. You can imagine my excitement as nearly 100 people arrived hungering to know more about prayer and fasting.

Now five years later, we dedicate the entire month of February to collectively fast and pray for God to move in our church and lives. We have seen God answer prayers during this special time that had previously gone unanswered. We have witnessed people who have resisted the Gospel for many years finally come to Christ. Wayward children have been restored to forgiving families. Young mothers, after many trying years, finally announced that God had given them a child. Sicknesses healed, financial burdens relieved, marriages revived and the stories of God’s prevailing power go on and on…

February is now a month we anticipate as a church! This year we have purposely scheduled a prayer revival with a special speaker February 4-7. We are trusting the Lord to once again show Himself strong on our behalf as we dedicate another month to intentionally and intensely seeking Him.

Your Friend,

Pastor Noel Cwenar

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- Pastor Noel Cwenar